15 February 2008

Well, Not Exactly Everywhere

Actually, I suppose it takes better eyes than I have right now. I left my glasses at the folks' house when I went down for Grandpa's funeral. I just can't see all the treasures these days. Maybe the folks will bring the glasses when they come to visit this weekend, or maybe I just need to adjust my eyesight. I think it might be the latter. Only time will help in that case. At least we can go to Sea World.

08 February 2008

Knitting my heart back together

Sometimes it's hard to find treasures everywhere. I've been knitting a lot lately---maybe knitting together a broken heart. It takes time. But the treasure therein is that serenity comes back during the repetitive knitting and purling. What else is more important than serenity? At this point, it seems like the ideal.

01 February 2008

Book Wagon Options

Shall I knit or write a letter tomorrow! Last weekend I was able to do both while I was out with the Book Wagon. And there were even a few hardy souls who braved the weather and checked out some books. I really must write to the Otter of the Northwest before he thinks I've fallen---down or out of love. The moss stitch scarf I want to make for the orange-haired sister-in-law is clamoring also. And of course there is that whole stack of books I want to read . . . Where to find the time?