28 January 2009


What was it that Maida's friend Billy called her? Petronella? I can't remember. But I do know that somewhere in that same paragraph or page was something about the Princesses of Serendip finding unexpected happiness. That's what I thought of this afternoon when, happily, Alice came by the library. It was a lovely, unexpected joy that just came into my life. It must be a good thing if only that I am writing the first blog entry in a whole year! Inspiration comes from so many sources: most of them for me, from regular folk saying something that triggers a thought that persists until I do something about it. But, the whole purpose of this blog was not to selfconsciously write but to unselfconsciously report on the way I see things. Missive? Memoir? Rumination? Maybe a little of all of those.

During the past year I read a book called Six-Word Memoirs. I wrote one at the time that still is very appropriate now. Here is my tiny memoir:

No mistakes,
Only treasure
In disguise.

I think I felt the licking of inspiration, like tongues of flame engulfing a hardwood log in the fireplace. So look for more entries in here. A year of silence is a long, long time.