18 February 2010


I have lived before this with a silence
That sank into the rhythm of my soul.
It started quiet and almost welcome---
A thin, peaceful gap between stress and stress,
A space to reacquaint myself with me.
But slowly, as the chasm spread, I felt
Color and music draining from the world.
Until a light, a bridge, a slender strand
To reconnect with everlasting bands
Each yearning side---no more to separate.
So now I know that silence will not last:
After a needed pause a voice will sound,
And make the union stronger than before.

There is silence
And then there is an end to silence.

Joy and reconciliation will come.

The one for whom the silence exists
Feels the heavy air.

I'm still praying.
I haven't stopped praying.
I won't stop praying.

Whenever my mind quiets,
It drifts into prayer,
and hope flits into view.

They can prohibit contact
but not thought.

Nothing is lost forever.
It will come back brighter than before.

05 February 2010

Cause and effect

No, I'm not cynical. I just know that when all the other options are gone or impossible, what is left must be the truth, whether people will accept it or not.