13 January 2012


The lace curtains
and the click of the keys;
warmth rushing up from the heater vent
to fill my skirt.
I can see Tom's toes from where I sit.

And the quiet Sunday evening
ticks on, ticks on.
Peace together, serenity,
and the tiny ache
of Monday coming soon.

Beauty so close it can't be touched.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kathryn,

I was trying to find confirmation of a Rumi quote (I want to save it, but I'd seen it on a website that plays fast and loose with quotation accuracy, so I always double-check the quotes from there before I believe them) and my internet search brought me to a random blog I'd never seen before, where the quote I was seeking was mentioned in a comment on a post.

That comment was made by you on August 9 of last year about a post on _Periodic Table_ by Primo Levi at sheilaomalley dot com. I was skimming along simply to find the Rumi quote confirmation, and ended up bursting into tears because of your beautiful story and the way you told it.

I clicked on the "kate" hyperlink at the top of your comment there and was brought to this blog. I have skimmed through your entries but I'm not one for much poetry, and I haven't found the "periodic table" story here or others like it (which is what I was hoping to find), except for the post about the lost book that had haunted you since adolescence and you found had been sitting not five steps from you for years, which also touched me because of your lovely way of telling a story and because I could relate to the content so much.

Kathryn, you might want to post your "periodic table" comment here as a standalone post on your own blog, because it's very touching, and you might want to think about writing more prose pieces because (in my opinion) you have a talent for it. (Although perhaps you do, and simply have a different outlet for them.)

In a few paragraphs, you can take a reader from neutral to experiencing a cosy fellow-feeling with another introverted and thoughtful person to being so moved that her eyes well up.

Good wishes,

Kathryn said...

Thank you, C. I just discovered your comment, and I appreciate your words.